8          GEORGE3     (John2, Johannes1), son of John and Isabelle (Williams) Outman, was probably born after 27 May 1722 (as he was not included in the baptism of his other brother and sister at that time), and was baptized at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, 16 September 1722 (records of Stratford Episcopal Church); he died at Arlington, Bennington County, Vermont, 17 July 1793 (gravestone St. James Cemetery, Arlington).  He married ca 1745 Ruth Wooster, who died 16 March 1814 at the age of 89 years.  George joined the Episcopal Church at Stratford 2 July 1747.


This family removed to Arlington, Vermont, probably about 1765, where George acquired a considerable estate in land and conducted a black smithing business. 

Following the close of the French and Indian Wars in 1760 and the possession of Canada by the British, thus relieving the menace of frequent incursions by the Indians into this territory, settlers from New England, largely from Connecticut, who as early as 1750 felt themselves to be crowded, flocked into the so-called Hampshire Grants, so that by the outbreak of the War of the American Revolution, the population of Vermont had reached 20,000 or more.  Bennington and Addison were settled in 1761; Arlington and Rutland in 1762; Pownal 1763; Poultney, Hubbardtown and Manchester in 1764.  The exact date of the removal of George Outman to Arlington is not known, but he is believed to have been one of the earliest settlers. 


The family were prominent members of St. James Episcopal Church of Arlington and many of the Oatman family, representing four generations, are buried in the adjoining cemetery.


Quoted from Aldrich's Bennington County:


"President Hopkins used to say that in the first settlement of Bennington County, the applicants for land were disposed of according to their religious views.  Congregationalists were mostly sent to Bennington, Baptists to Shaftsbury, the Episcopalians to Arlington, and those who had no creed were sent to Pownal."


While the town record of Arlington for the period prior to 1790 are meager - many of the records being missing - a list of the members of this family are entered in the records, preparatory no doubt to the settlement of George's estate, the details of which settlement do not appear of record.


George was on the Vermont payroll of Captain Matthew Lyon's Company of Alarm in 1780:  No. of Days in Service - 5; No. miles travel - 50; Amount Pay October Alarm - 0.6.8 -- Total, 1.3.4.




                        In Memory of                                      In Memory of

                        GEORGE OUTMAN                                     RUTH OUTMAN

                          who died                                                         who died

                        July 17, 1793                               March 16, 1814

                                                                                        in the 89th year

                                                                                                 of her age

                                                                                                   wife of

                                                                                                George Outman




In the fourth and succeeding generations, the name is invariably spelled O A T M A N.



Children of George and Ruth (Wooster) Oatman:


19        Daniel, b. 11 May 1747, Stratford, CT; d. 4 Mar 1803; m. Mary Spencer, ca 1768


20        Samuel, b. 1748, Stratford, CT; d. 28 Sep 1825; m. 1) Hannah Wooster, 12 Apr 1769; 2) Susanna       ____


21        John, b. 24 Feb 1750, Stratford, CT.  It is believed that John died in youth.  A gravestone on the family lot at Arlington which cannot be fully deciphered indicates the death of a son.  No further record of this John has been discovered.


22        Benjamin, b. 1755, Stratford, CT; d. 1 Mar 1816; m. Bethia Smith


23        Ruth, b. 12 Aug 1753, Stratford, CT


24        George, Jr., b. ca 1757, Stratford, CT; m. 1) Ann Terrill; 2) Anna Turner


25        Isaac, b. 17 Sep 1761, probably Stratford, CT; d. 17 Aug 1831; m. Anna Brainerd, 30 Jan 1783


26        Freelove, b. ca 1755-1760, probably Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT;  Her death date was earlier reported as 10 March 1830.  Genealogies of Connecticut Families, Vol. I, p. 44, gives her death date as 4 January 1806 "in her 51st year".  The same entry attributes the original death date to her husband's fourth wife, also named Freelove; bur. Shaftsbury, Bennington Co., VT; m. Isaac Andrus, ca 1772-73.


Captain Isaac Andrus was born in Norwich County, Connecticut, 22 April 1731, died at Shaftsbury, Bennington County, Vermont, 30 June 1824, and is buried in the Shaftsbury Centre cemetery.  He married:  1) ca 1753, Elizabeth, daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Witter) Tracy, who was born at Norwich, Connecticut, 21 January 1731/32, d. 27 August 1771, Shaftsbury, Vermont;  2) Freelove Oatman (her name was shown as "Truelove" in Genealogies, ibid;  3) Mrs. Anna Spencer, widow of Isaac Spencer, who died 27 January 1809, at the age of 58;  and 4) Mrs. Freelove (Wilcox) Parks, who died 10 March 1830 in her 71st year.  She was the mother of the Mary Parks who married her stepson, David Andrus, below.


Isaac lived for a time at Windham and later at Newent, Connecticut.  On 27 February 1765 he sold his farm at Newent and moved to Shaftsbury, Vermont (then a part of Albany County, New York).  He was one of the earliest members of the Baptist Church there.  He was a veteran of the French and Indian Wars, and served as private, sergeant, lieutenant and captain during the Revolutionary War.


Isaac had the following children by his first wife, Elizabeth:


1)                  Joseph, b. 16 May 1754; served in Revolutionary War


1)                  Jeremiah, b. 16 Jan 1756, Windham, CT; possibly d. 29 Dec 1775 in the Revolutionary War

2)                  Abiah, b. 7 May 1758; d. unm. 1 Jan 1840, age 83; bur. N. Fairfield Cem., Herrick, VT

                        4          Ruth, d. 16 Apr 1803; m. Elijah Bottom, 3 Mar 1785

                        5          Isaac, m. Clarissa Harris

                        6          Roswell, b. 1767; d. 11 Sep 1845; m. Lucy Coy



Children of Freelove and Isaac Andrus:


                        A         John, b. 9 Mar 1774, Shaftsbury, VT; m. Amy Coy.  Children, surname Andrus (birth order unknown):


                                      I         John, of Perry, NY, m. Mary Stewart.  Children, surname Andrus:


                                                a  Harriet, m. Daniel Sweet


                                                b  Minerva, m. Marion Smith; no issue


                                                c  Eliza, m. Albert Drake; lived at Perry; no issue


                                                d  Mary, m. Peter West; lived at Perry; two children


                                                e  Merritt, m. Josephine Lacy


                                                f  Esther, m. Henry Lacy; lived at Perry; two children


                                                g  Julia, m. Charles Sweet; two children


                                                h  George, m. _____ Cox


                                     II        Amy, m. Orin Goodrich


                                    III        Mahala, b. 1791; d. 22 Oct 1814, age 23 (Gravestone, Shaftsbury, VT)


                                     IV       Ruth, m. William (?) Turner


                                      V       Elon, of Delavan, WI, m. Helen Rose of Poultney, VT.  One daughter.


                                     VI       Linus/Lineus, m. Rachel, daughter of Ira and Elizabeth (Calkins) Broughton


                                    VII      Truman, of Perry, NY, m. Mary Goddard; Children, surname Andrus:


                                                a  Julia, d. young


                                                b  Clarissa, d. young


                                                c  Byron, d. young


                                                d  Linus, d. young


                                                e  Beach, m. and d. in California


                                                f  Delia, m. _____ Emory


                             VIII Daniel, b. 1796, Shaftsbury, VT


                                     IX       David, b. 1799, Shaftsbury, VT


                                      X       Polly, b. 25 Mar 1800; d. 13 Jan 1850; m. Stephen Hawkins of  Arlington, VT.  Children, surname Hawkins:


                                                 a         Merritt, b. 25 Jun 1819; m. Bethia Lyman of Northfield, MA.


                                                 b         Mary, b. 20 Oct 1820; m. Joseph Broadway


                                                 c         David, b. Oct 1822; m. 1) Sarah A. Center of Post Corners, NY; 2) Mrs. Mary A. Lenard of North Adams, MA; 3) Mrs. Caroline Moseley


                                                 d         Harriet, b. 7 Jul 1824; m. B. Franklin McLaughlin of West Arlington, VT


                                                 e         Freelove, b. 7 Aug 1826; m. John N. Chase of North Adams, MA


                                                 f          Stephen, b. May 1829; m. Jane Pike of Glens Falls, NY


                        B         Jeremiah (Andrus), b. 26 Jun 1777, Shaftsbury, VT; m. Mehitable Warren, 12 Mar 1801.  Children, surname Andrus, including:


                                      I         Norman


                        C         David, b. 29 Mar 1778/79, Shaftsbury, VT; d. 8 Feb 1861, Castile, NY.  He m. 2 Nov 1801, Mary Parks, who was b. Arlington, VT, 9 Jan 1787, d. Castile, NY, 2 Mar 1839, daughter of his father's fourth wife, Mrs. Freelove (Wilcox) Parks.  He kept a tavern at Shaftsbury until about 1834, when he moved to Perry, NY, all of his children except Abia going with him.  Children, some born at Arlington, others at Shaftsbury, VT, surname Andrus:


                                      I         Abia, b. 9 Feb 1803; d. 7 Sep 1889; m. 19 May 1819, Col. Lemuel Bottum of Shaftsbury, VT, a farmer, b. 20 Aug 1800, d. 14 Jul 1880.  Children, surname Bottum:


a          Mary E., b. Mar 1822; d. 28 Feb 1838


b          Simon, b. 26 Feb 1824; m. 1) Margaret A. Douglas; 2) Mrs. Sarah Rhodes


c          Horace Barlow, b. 3 Jul 1826; m. 8 Oct 1856 to Harriet  E. Huntington


d          Caroline Amelia, b. 26 Sep 1828; m. Norman R. Douglas


e          Edward, b. 29 Jul 1832; m. 1) Ellen L. Clark; 2) Marietta Cox


                                     II        Oretta, b. 15 Feb 1805; d. 11 Jun 1859; m. 30 Sep 1822, Daniel Galusha Huntington, b. at Shaftsbury, VT, 17 Feb 1802, d. at Perry, NY, 29 Mar 1877, son of Dr. Daniel Huntington.  They lived at Perry, NY.  Children, surname Huntington:


a          Edwin, of Rochester, NY, b. 22 Aug 1823; d. 1 Dec 1898; m. Jane A. Rathbone


b          George Byron, of Edgerton, WI, b. 21 Jan 1827; d. 15 Mar 1899; m. 1) Jenette E. Galusha; 2) Sarah Jane Smith; 3) Mrs. Mary A. (Brewer) Johnson


c          Nancy Amelia (Huntginton), b. 15 Mar 1833; d. 22 Mar 1865; m. 25 Sep 1855, Barton B. Higgins; resided at Dixon, IL


d          Mary, b. 10 Aug 1840; d. 16 Jun 1872; m. John D. Crabtree 4 Mar 1863; resided Dixon, IL


III        Freelove (Andrus), b. 13 Jun 1807; d. Castile, NY, 3 Jan 1841; m. 14 Oct 1828, Truman Fisk, b. 23 Jul 1800, d. at Castile on 2 Apr 1874; Children, born Shaftsbury, VT, surname Fisk:


a          Helen E., b. 7 Mar 1831; d. 17 Jul 1899; unmarried


b          Abia E., b. 9 Jun 1832; d. 24 Sep 1912; m. Myron Barton


c          Horatio Parks, of Rochester, NY, b. 11 Mar 1835; d. 20 Jul 1911; m. Iris A. Chapin


 IV       John Parks, b. 22 May 1809; d. 13 Jan 1829


  V       Ephraim Martin, b. 22 Feb 1811, Shaftsbury, VT


 VI       Horatio Nelson, b. 30 Jun 1813


VII      William Merritt, b. 11 May 1815; d. 31 Jul 1815


     VIII Columbus Parks, b. 8 Sep 1822


 IX       David Oatman, b. 10 Oct 1825


D         Polly (Andrus), b. 22 Dec 1780; d. 22 Sep 1802


E          Benjamin, b. 16 Sep 1783; d. 17 Apr 1861; m. Freelove Milleman, b. 1786.  Children, all born Shaftsbury, VT, surname Andrus:


  I         Diana, b. 1806


 II        Theodicia, b. 1808; d. 28 Apr 1813


III        Anna, b. 1810


 IV       Jonas, b. 1812


  V       Willard, b. 1 Jan 1815


 VI       Loomis, b. 1816


VII      Mary (twin), b. 22 Jan 1819; d. 16 Mar 1819, age 8 weeks


     VIII Merritt William (twin), b. 22 Jan 1819; d. 17 Apr 1861, Carlisle, OH; m. 18 Jan 1844, Arvilla Maria, daughter of Oliver and Amelia (Larrabee) Austin.  She m. 2) Stephen H. Stevens, 3 Jan 1859; it is supposed that she and Merritt were divorced before 1859, that she and Stephen were married and separated, and she took back the name Andrus.  Children, surname Andrus:


a          Ida Maria, b. 10 Sep 1847, Fairfield, Franklin Co., VT; m. ______ Lanphier

b          Jonas Willard (Andrus), b. 13 Feb 1849, Fairfield, VT; d. 25 Sep 1855, Carlisle, OH


c          Buel Judson, b. 29 Mar 1851, Fairfield, VT; d. 18 Oct 1927, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL; m. 30 Oct 1881 in Walker Co., AL, Elizabeth Love Watt, daughter of _____ and Betsy (Brooks) Watt, b. 1856/57, Walker Co., AL, d. 9 Dec 1935, Birmingham, AL.  Children, surname Andrus:


  I         Merritt Watt, b. 31 Oct 1882, Jasper, AL; d. 1 Aug 1928; m. Lache Jensen


 ii         Bessie Marie, b. 21 Nov 1883, Jasper, AL; d. 22 Oct 1957; m. 27 Sep 1905 to John Ferdenand  Boatenreiter


iii         Benjamin Taurus, b. 24 Aug 1886; d. 2 Sep 1886, Jefferson Co., AL


 iv        Buel Judson (B.J.), b. 22 May 1888, Jefferson Co., AL; d. 15 Sep 1966; m. 7 Jun 1924, Sadie Moorer


  v        Pansey M., b. 24 Sep 1890, Jefferson Co., AL; m. 24 Sep 1915 to Walter Starr Redfield


                                                             vi        Arvilla Millicent, b. 25 Feb 1895, Marylee,  Walker Co., AL; d. 21 Nov 1981; m. 2 Jan 1917, George Edward Proctor


 IX       Palmer, b. 1822


                                      X       Jordan Grey, b. Oct 1823; d. 9 Apr 1842, age 18


                                     XI       Mary, b. 1824


                        F          Jonas (Andrus), b. 28 May 1792; d. 7 May 1808


27        Desire, b. 1762, probably Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; m. Mr. Graves


28        Sarah, b. 26 Feb 1764, probably Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1820, Dearborn Co., IN; m. George Hill Clark, ca 1788.


George Clark was born ca 1760, VT, and died ca 1819 in Dearborn Co., IN, son of Ebenezer Clark.  In the Archives he is described as being of "ye County of New Haven."  In the official Rolls of Soldiers from Vermont serving in the Revolutionary War 1775-1783, he is named as serving two different "stretches" from the Village of Arlington, Vermont, which marched for the defense of the frontiers of the State in the month of October 1781.  In the same militia in December 1781, he was one of the expedition to march westward from Arlington for some three days for which he drew the sum of 11 shillings, 9 pence.  Children, surname Clark:


A         Phebe Oatman, b. 15 Feb 1791, Shoreham, VT; d. 22 Apr 1872, Cross Plains, Dearborn Co., IN; m. Jacob Levi Winters, 1 Aug 1810, Shoreham, VT.  He was b. 1788 in PA, d. 29 Oct 1830, Rising Sun, IN.  Levi and Phebe moved to Rising Sun in Dearborn County some time after 1814.  Levi was a corporal in the War of 1812, Captain John Phelps' Co., Colonel Henry Bloom's Regiment, and was in the Battle Queenston.  His widow Phebe applied for a pension in 1855.  Levi and Phebe are both buried in the Rising Sun Cemetery.  Children, surname Winters:


                                      I         Nancy, b. 3 Jan 1811, VT (per census and cemetery records); d. 20 Mar 1892, aged 81 yr, 2 mo, 17 dy, in Lawrence, Nuckolls Co., NE, where she was living with her son Mount and his family; she is buried there in Liberty Creek Cemetery.  She m. 12 Aug 1831, Jacob Peasley in Rising Sun, Dearborn Co., IN, later moving to Jefferson Co., then to Brighton, Washington Co., IA.  Jacob was b. 8 Sep 1809 in ME; d. 2 Oct 1872 in Brighton, Washington Co., IA, where he is buried. 


                                                (Lineage of Jacob Peasley: Abraham Peasley and Mary Potter; Ezekiel Peaslee and Anna Preble; Nathan Peaslee and Lydia Gove; John Peaslee and Mary Martin; Joseph Peaslee and Ruth Barnard; Joseph Peaslee and Mary Johnson who moved from England to Salisbury, Essex Co., MA ca 1635.)  Children, surname Peasley:


                                                a          Robert, b. 14 Mar 1833, Dearborn Co., IN; d. 14 May 1891, Little Sioux, Harrison Co., IA.  He m. 14 Aug 1856 to Sarah Hesser in Jefferson Co., IA.  She was b. 18 Jan 1836 in OH, d. 27 Jul 1903 at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Henry (Anna Bell) Stewart, and is buried there in Little Sioux Cemetery.  She was the daughter of Andrew Hesser and Ellenor Shaw.  Children, surname Peasley:


                                                               I        Andrew Jackson, b. 27 Oct 1857, Brighton, Washington Co., IA; d. 13 Apr 1912 in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, CN; m. 10 Mar 1885 to Idella Amelia Thompson, in Little Sioux, Harrison Co., IA.   She was b. 10 Nov 1866, Onawa, Monona Co., IA; d. 15 Nov 1900 at her farm home in Burt Co., NE, daughter of John Wesley David Thompson and Susan Amelia Davis.  They are buried side by side in Silver Creek Cemetery (aka Paddock Cemetery), Burt Co., NE.  Children, surname Peasley:


                                                                        aa         Nelle May, b. 5 Feb 1891, Charter Oak, Crawford Co., IA; d. 3 Jan 1956 at Providence Hosp., Lincoln, NE; bur. Craig Cemetery, Adams Plot, in Craig, NE.  Nelle and her mother, Idella, had smallpox during the epidemic in Burt Co. in 1900.  Nelle “had it so bad she wasn’t expected to live.  She was badly scarred from it.  But it was her mother Idella, who passed away.”  (Clem Hansen FGS) Nelle later, on 22 Feb 1911, m. Lewis Alvin Davis, in Craig, Burt Co., NE.  He was b. 1 Dec 1890 in Craig, NE; joined the Methodist Church there in Feb 1909; d. 3 Jul 1970 in Long Beach, CA, and is buried in Westminister Memorial park Cemetery.  He was the son of Lewis Jack Davis and Hettie Lavada Ray.  Children, surname Davis:


1)                  Gwendolyn E., b. 10 Jun 1915, Craig, Burt Co., NE; m. 6 Jul 1943, Darrell D. Deane.


2)                  Helen L., b. 10 Oct 1920, Craig, Burt Co., NE; d. 17 Oct 1998; m. 7 Jan 1939, Jesse D. Sturm.


3)                  Clementine L., b. 25 Feb 1924, Craig, Burt Co., NE; m. 17 Jun 1944, Armand W. Hansen.


                                                              ii        Anna Bell (Peasley), b. 1 Sep 1859, Brighton, Washington Co., IA; d. 25 May 1938; bur. Onawa, IA; m. 19 Sep 1881, Henry Stewart.


                                                             iii        Ellen J., b. 25 Jan 1861, Brighton, Washington Co., IA; d. 25 Jan 1937; m. 7 Mar 1883, Jeff Smith.


                                                              iv       Etta, b. 7 Sep 1862, IA; d. 22 Jul 1926; m. 1) Mr. Williams; 2) Randell Perkins.


                                                               v       John, b. 20 Aug 1864, IA; d. 29 Dec 1945; bur. Onawa, IA; m. 2 Mar 1890, Louella Miller.


                                                              vi       Joseph, b. 14 Jan 1865, IA; d. 30 Mar 1896; bur. Little Sioux Cem., Little Sioux, IA; m. 23 Mar 1890, Malissa Miller.


                                                             vii       William, b. 25 Oct 1868, IA; d. 20 Mar 1943; bur. Little Sioux Cem., Little Sioux, IA; m. Lulu Hoover.


                                                            viii       Margaret “Betsy,” b. 27 Sep 1870, Marshall, Henry Co., IA; d. 8 Jan 1954; m. 22 Nov 1886, Henry Franklin Crock Ford.


                                                              ix       Ira, b. 29 May 1872, IA; d. 30 May 1872.


                                                               x       Oscar, b. 1 Aug 1873, Harrison Co., IA; d. 21 Jun 1929; bur. Woodlawn Cem., Saskatoon, SK, CN; m. 2 Jun 1892, Almeda (Maydee) Gee.


                                                              xi       Robert “Robbie,”, b. 30 Dec 1875, Pisgah, IA; d. 13 Aug 1936; bur. Magnolia Cem., Orson, IA; m. 23 Apr 1894, Agnes Cooper.


                                                             xii       Lee, b. 14 Sep 1877, Harrison Co., IA; d. 3 Apr 1879, aged 1 year, 6 months, 20 days.  Bur. Little Sioux Cem., Little Sioux, IA.


                                                b          Sarah (Peasley), b. 6 Sep 1834, Dearborn Co., IN; d. 20 Sep 1916; bur. OK; m. 1 Oct 1855, James Beans.


                                                c          Abigale, b. 6 Apr 1836, Dearborn Co., IN; bur. Harrison Co., IA; m. 10 Jan 1856, J. William Marrall.


                                                d          Archibald, b. 15 Jul 1838, Rising Sun, Dearborn Co., IN, d. 20 Jun 1874.  He served with Co. K, 13th Iowa Vol. Inf. in the Civil War.

                                                e          Phebe (Peasley), b. 22 May 1841, Jefferson Co., IA; d. 10 Feb 1851.  She is buried in Bidwell Cemetery in IA, age 9 years, 10 months, 18 days.


                                                f           Mount, b. 13 Jun 1843, Brighton, Washington Co., IA; bur. Opportunity, WA; d. 31 Dec 1935; m. 8 Oct 1870, Phoebe Newton.  He served with Co. E, 30th Iowa Vol. Inf. in the Civil War. 


                                                g          William C., b. 2 Jun 1845, Washington Co., IA; d. 28 May 1864, killed in battle in Atlanta, GA, in the Civil War.  He served with Co. C, 2nd Regiment, Iowa Vol. Inf., and is buried in the Marietta National Cem., Marietta, GA.


                                                h          Eliza Ann “Anna,” b. 20 Aug 1847, Washington Co., IA; m. 25 Nov 1880, S. J. “Sam” Garbrey.


                                                I           Parthena, b. 26 Oct 1850, Washington Co., IA; d. 27 Nov 1850; bur. Bidwell Cem., Washington Co., IA


                                                j           Hiram L., b. 23 Oct 1851, Washington Co., IA; d. 23 Sep 1852.


                                                k          Levi E. “Lee,” b. 12 May 1854, Washington Co., IA; d. 18 Oct 1931; m. 29 Dec 1880, Miriam Smith who d. 10 Aug 1946.  Both bur. Hillcrest Cem., Brighton, IA.


                                     II        William Clark (Winters), b. 12 Aug 1815, PA; d. 17 Feb 1901; m. Frances Petite; moved to MS. Bur. Rodney, Jefferson Co., MS


                                    III        Hannah, b. ca 1818, Rising Sun, Dearborn Co., IN; m. John S. Baxter.


                                     IV       George, b. ca 1820; d. 2 Jan 1862, Rising Sun, IN; m. Harriet Sparks; lived in Memphis, TN.  Per Bryan T. Winter, San Rafael, CA, George and Harriet had a daughter Isabella, who lived in Memphis, TN. 


                                      V       Levi, b. ca 1820, Rising Sun, IN


                                     VI       Martha S., d. 13 Sep 1908; m. Abner McFarland; lived in Cincinnati, OH.


                                    VII      Hiram Lewis, b. 4 May 1823, Rising Sun, IN; d. 26 Feb 1892, Rodney, Jefferson Co., MS; m. 21 Jul 1850 at Vernon, Jennings Co., IN, Elizabeth Jane Schofield, b. 19 Jan 1832 in Honley, Huddersfield, England, and d. 4 Nov 1880, Rodney, Jefferson Co., MS, daughter of Joshua and Grace (Oldfield) Schofield.  Hiram was a tinsmith by trade, with his shop mounted on a barge that moved from town to town along the Ohio River.  Children, surname Winters:


a          Arabella Phebe, b. 22 Jun 1851, Grand Gulf, Claiborne Co., MS; d. 30 Jan 1911, Dardenelle, Pope Co., AR; she m. John S. Mackie, 27 Feb 1868 in Rodney, MS; he was b. 30 Oct 1832, New Spynie, Scotland, son of John and Margaret Ann (McKenzie) Mackie.  According to Historical Southern Families, "John Mackie Jr. was a man of sterling character.  He was an astute business man and acquired a considerable amount of property.  After serving four years in the army, he returned to a devastated area and by sheer determination regained and restored his holdings.  [His] education included a course of study at the University of Edinburgh, and he was a fine singer.  Mississippi in the early days was no place for a timid man, and John was known for his quick temper and ability to defend himself.  He was elected constable in Rodney, in 1865, and once had to kill a man in self-defence.  It used to be said:  'The Mackies can do anything.'"  Marriage records of Jefferson Co., MS, of 1868, p. 141, record the marriage of "Belle" Winters on 27 Feb 1868. Children, surname Mackie:


  I         Hiram Winters, b. 19 Jan 1869, Rodney, MS; d. 18 Dec 1927; m. Mrs. Dillie Louise (Simonds) Aston, 12 Mar 1906.  Children, surname Mackie:


aa         Hiram Herbert, b. 2 Jun 1907; d. 26 Jun 1946; m. Jessie Welch, 21 Jun 1930


bb        William Paul, b. 1909; d. 1929


cc         Robert Lewis, b. 28 Aug 1911; m. 6 Jul 1939, Etsel Brooks, b. 15 Feb 1915.  Children, surname Mackie:



1)                  Charles Robert, b. 5 Sep 1937


2)                  Melba Joyce, b. 14 Aug 1939


3)                  Linda Kay, 22 Jan 1943


4)                  Michael Don, b. 25 Jun 1953


dd        Ollie Louise, b. 20 Oct 1913, AR; m. Tom Barnard Brooks, b. 27 Sep 1904, AR, son of John and Maude (Barnard) Brooks.  Children, surname Brooks:


1)         Thomas Lynell, b. 29 Mar 1932, AR; m.  18 Jun 1955, Ramona Creek, b. 23 Mar  1937. Children: Curtis and Cynthia Brooks


2)         Glenn Allen, b. 21 Feb 1934, Houston,  TX; m. 14 Jan 1955, Eleanor Ruth Porter, b. 19 Jan 1938, AR; Children:  Gregory & Thomas Brooks


3)         Monte Carl, b. 16 Oct 1941, Houston,  TX; m. 27 May 1960, Belva Lee Moore, b. 9 Aug 1943, AR; Children:  Tammie and Vickie Brooks


ee         Clarence Luther, b. 30 Dec 1916, AR; served in WWII; m. 3 Aug 1940, Winnie Imogene Eubanks, b. 26 Nov 1922, AR; Children, all born AR, surname Mackie:

1)                  Jackie Leon, b. 8 Jun 1941; m. 2 Apr  1962 Mary Sue Pitts, b. 7 Jun 1945;   Child:  Marty Wayne Mackie



2)         Deryle Wayne, b. 12 Sep 1943; m. 27 Sep 1963, Janet Linda Rouse, b. 6 Feb 1947; Child: Linda


3)         Sharon Elaine, b. 8 Jun 1947


4)         Roger Don, b. 6 Feb 1951


5)         Tony Clarence, b. 17 Mar 1962


6)         Belinda Jean, b. 2 Jul 1963


 ii         Thomas Drake (Mackie), b. 11 Nov 1871; d. 7 Jul 1955, Tulsa, OK; m. 1) Clyde Simpson, who was b. 11 Nov 1876, d. 11 Jan 1930, daughter of Ransom Simpson.  Children, surname Mackie:


aa         Roland Lee, b. 11 Nov 1895; d. 8 Mar 1953; m. Hazel Hatfield; Children:


1)                  William, m. with 3 children


2)                  Thomas, m. with 5 children


3)                  Edwin


bb        Thomas Edwin, b. 9 Jul 1898; m. 1) ? ; 2) Mary Folino, b. 16 Oct 1909.  Children from first marriage:  Thomas Edwin, Jr., and Frances.


cc         John Ransom, b. 12 Oct 1902, Little Rock, AR; m. Mary Marie McLean (b. 7 May 1904, daughter of John Lee and Frances D. (Johnson) McLean of TX).  A daughter, Shirley Mackie, b. 25 Oct 1929, m. 1957 to D. Sonnedecker, is distinguished musician.


dd        Jennie Belle, b. 22 Nov 1905; m. 1) Joseph Franklin Swilling 31 Aug 1950.  One son:  Thomas Richard Swilling, b. 1959.  Jennie m. 2) 22 Apr 1962, Grady William Chambers.  Jennie was a minister in the Church of the Assembly of God for 30 years, retiring at the age of 60; she traveled widely doing evangelical work.


Thomas Drake Mackie m. 2) 7 Nov 1908 to Mrs. Mary Blacklidge Lofton; she had a daughter by a previous marriage, Bessie Lofton Norris.  Mary d. 11 Feb 1911; and Thomas m. 3) Sally Ann Hicks, 15 Apr 1915.  Children, surname Mackie:


ee         Mary Louise, b. 27 Oct 1916; m. 1) Wade Hampton Bankston, 22 Oct 1937, b. 31 Dec 1909, Milam Co., TX, d. 17 Dec 1944, Belgium.  She m. 2) Emanuel Gale Pacetti, 31 May 1946, who was b. 20 Jan 1919, in FL, son of A. and Velma F. Gale Pacetti.  Children, surname Pacetti:


1)         Lou Ann, b. 7 Apr 1952, OK; m. 13 Mar 1970, Philip Douglas Masters


2)         Joseph Gale, b. 18 Nov 1955 


ff         George Lloyd (Mackie), b. 3 Jan 1919, AR; m. Willie Lee McGuyer, b. 28 Sep 1927.  Children, surname Mackie:


1)         Jessie, m. William C. Padgett, 15 Dec  1968; daughter Kimberly Padgett


2)         Thomas, m. Lina Reedy; daughter Erinn


3)         Linda


gg        Albert Floyd (twin), d. in infancy


hh        Woodrow Winters, b. 19 Jun 1920; m. Agnes Sneath.  Children, surname Mackie:


1)         Woodrow, deceased


2)         Virginia, deceased


ii          Sally, b/d 8 Apr 1922.  Her mother, Sally Ann, died the same day.


Thomas Drake Mackie m. 4) 11 Jun 1923 to Mrs. Florence Taylor, widow of Samuel Robert Taylor.  Son, surname Mackie:


jj          William Joseph, b. 1926; d. 1927


iii         Emma S. (Mackie), b. 9 Jan 1872; d. Sep 1878, Rodney, MS


 iv        Rosa Winters, b/d 1874, Rodney, MS


  v        Alice Letitia, b. 27 Jun 1875, Rodney, MS; d. 15 Oct 1943, Seminary, Covington Co., MS; bur. 17 Oct 1943, Crystal Springs, Copiah Co., MS.  She married Alexander Newton on 6 Oct 1894 (Bible record).


Alice was educated at the Newton Institute in Crystal Springs, and earned a B.A. from the State Teachers' College in Hattiesburg, MS.  Alexander was born 4 Dec 1859 at Summit, Pike Co., MS, and died 24 Jun 1943, the son of the Reverend Oscar Newton and Susan M. Colton.  He was educated at the Newton Institute at Crystal Springs and was graduated A.B. in 1884 from Yale University.  He then attended Union Theological Seminary in New York and was licensed to preach by the New York Presbytery.  In 1888 he became pastor of the Rodney, Westside, Red Lick, and Union churches in Mississippi until 1892, when he accepted a call to the Covington County group of churches.  In 1892 he became the pastor and teacher for the Presbyterian Church at Seminary, MS, where he also organized a school. 


After their marriage in 1894, Alexander and his wife went to Seminary, where they built a home.  Alice was a talented musician, a member of several organizations and taught school.  They are both buried in the Crystal Springs Cemetery in the Newton burial lot.


Children, surname Newton, all born in Seminary, Covington Co., MS:


aa         John, b. 29 Mar 1896; d. at birth


bb        Cora, b. 20 Aug 1897; d. 28 Jul 1981; m. Claude Wainwright O'Donnel, 1 Jun 1923.  He was b. 20 Dec 1896 in Copiah Co., MS, son of William H. O'Donnel of Sanford, MS (b. 2 Nov 1868 at Escatampa, FL), and Myra McGehee (b. 27 Jul 1896 at Summit, MS); Myra was the daughter of Dr. Iverson McGehee, a captain in the Confederate Army, and his wife, Martha Matilda Mixon.  Children, surname O'Donnel:


1)         Jean Carol, b. 4 Feb 1929, KS; m. 10 Sep 1948 to Edward Shelton Pride (b. 2 Oct 1925, Nashville, TN, son of William Clifford Pride (he b. 20 Aug 1894) and Keziah Kathleen Stanley (b. 6 Aug 1893). Children, surname Pride:



•                     Glenn Edward, b. 5 Dec 1950, Nashville, TN, a graduate of Hope College, Holland, MI, where he studied organ.  Active member of the Dallas Chapter of American Guild of Organists.


•                                 David Alexander, b. 31 Mar 1953, Nashville, TN; m. 8 Sep 1973 Martha Jane Harmon, who was b. 26 Jan 1955, Nashville, daughter of Wesley and Martha Harmon.


•                                 Patrick Eugene, b. 7 Oct 1954


2)         Claude Newton, b. 21 Sep 1936


cc         Susan Arabella, who compiled the Newton lineage for Historical Southern Families (Boddie, 1976), was b. 27 Dec 1898; d. Sep 1981.  She m. 1) Hugh Charles Adams, 31 May 1921; m. 2) William Hoffman Farrand, 18 Apr 1931.  She attended Newton Institute at Crystal Springs, MS, and the Presbyterian Synodical Schools.  She studied and taught music.  In 1943 she became an honorary member of Delta Kappa Gamma Society.  In 1950 she organized "Therapy through Music" at Walter Reed and Bethesda Hospitals.  She was a qualified genealogist and worked in the National Society, Colonial Dames, Washington, DC.  Children of first marriage, surname Adams:


1)         Patricia Louise (who later took the   surname Farrand), b. 21 May 1923,  Whittier, CA; m. Roy Norman, son of Roy Norman and Bertha (Weisinger) Harvey. Children, surname Harvey:


•                     Lauren Alden, b. 19 Jul 1944, Santa Maria, CA; m. 1) Astrid Schultz; 2) Raner Cox


•                     Eloise Rae, b. 10 Jun 1947, in San Marcos, TX; m. 3 Aug 1968, Paul Frederick Lawrence, b. 2 Sep 1941, NY, son of George W. and Katherine Grace (Ringhardt) Lawrence.  Children, surname Lawrence:


– Paul William, b. 12 Dec 1969;    d. 22 Nov 1970


– William Farrand, b. 31 Aug    1971


Patricia Louise m. 2) 23 Jun 1963, Charles Robert Woods Overton; he was b. 9 Jan 1915, son of Charles Andrew and Elizabeth (Topp) Overton.


dd        Osma Newton), b. 20 Jul 1900, d. unmarried 21 Jul 1949.  She was said to be a "talented and much-loved member of the family". (Historical Southern Families)


ee         George Alexander, b. 12 Jan 1902; d. 24 Mar 1968; m. 27 Aug 1930 Willie Lee Rogers, who was b. 20 Jul 1910, daughter of William Eugene and Susan (Fortenberry) Rogers of Columbia, MS.  Children, surname Newton:


1)         George Alexander, b. 16 Feb 1932; m.  Willie Merle Blackwell, 13 Dec 1952,  who was b. 23 Dec 1936, daughter of Ray and Ethel (Welch) Blackwell.  Children, surname Newton:


•                                 Rebecca Lee, b. 28 Aug 1953; m. Keith Thomas Morrison, 19 Dec 1975.  Four children.


•                                 George Alexander, b. 18 Jun 1962


2)         Susan Rogers (Newton), b. 3 Mar 1938, Seminary, MS; m. 1 Sep 1957, Thomas Joseph McDonald, son of Samuel and Rosa (Baggett) McDonald, Collins, MS.  She was named in 1968 one of the nation's outstanding young women for achievements in the field of education, and her contribution to the community, state and country.  Children, surname McDonald: 


•                                 Susan Elizabeth, b. 19 Feb 1959.“Bess" m. Grayson Robbins.


•                                 Thomas Joseph, Jr., b. 23 Sep 1961


•                                 Caroline Amanda "Amy", b. 25 Jun 1964


•                                 Margaret Mary, b. 19 May 1969


•                                 Alice Ann, b. 18 Apr 1970


ff         Meliora (Newton), b. 21 Dec 1903; d. 22 Oct 1983; m. Winic Pierce, 9 Aug 1928, b. 12 Nov 1900, to Henry and Sarah (Sanford) Pierce.  Children, surname Pierce:


1)         Rayford Newton, b. 28 Aug 1929; d. 11  Dec 1932


2)         Henry Lyndell, b. 29 Jan 1932; m. Roma Faye Thrash, 12 Apr 1953, dau. of Ransom Ray and Georgia (Lowrey) Thrash.  Children, surname Pierce:


•                     Janis D., b. 28 Nov 1955


•                     Dennis L., b. 23 Mar 1957


•                     Dwayne K., b. 3 Sep 1958; d. young


•                     Elisa Faye, b. 25 Feb 1960


•                     Letitia R.,  b. 11 May 1964


•                     Darian A., b. 9 Jul 1970


3)         Max Raymond (Pierce), b. 19 Feb 1934; m. Barbara Gean Harwell, 8 Oct 1966, b. 2 Jul 1934 to James Littleton and Mary A. (Martin) Harwell.  One son, Alton Raymond Pierce, b. 7 Feb 1969.


4)         Billy Pat, b. 31 Jan 1936; m. Mildred  L. Garick, 15 Jun 1958; she was b. 27  Sep 1938, daughter of Jacob Luther and Robbie H. (Lowery) Garick.  Children, surname Pierce:


•                     Patricia L., b. 23 Jan 1960


•                     Gregory L., b. 11 Dec 1962


5)         Jerry Brian, b. 20 May 1938; m. Joyce G. Sellers, b. 25 May 1943, daughter of Floyd R. and Lillian (McLemore) Sellers.  Children, surname Pierce:


•                     Ricky B., b. 31 Jan 1960


•                     Jeffrey D., b/d 1961


•                     Joseph D., b. 21 Jul 1964



6)         Gary Eric, b. 11 Dec 1941; m. Wanda Louise Riels, 28 Jul 1962; she was b. 12 Dec 1943, daughter of Woodrow W. and Macie (Rainey) Riels.  Children, surname Pierce:



•                     Gail E., b. 3 Aug 1963


•                     Edward W., b. 2 Nov 1965


gg        Claude Mackie (Newton), b. 14 Apr 1905; m. Louise White, 30 Aug 1930, daughter of Archie and Daisy (Blick) White;  Children, surname Newton: 



1)                  Mackie White, b. 10 Jun 1932; m. Ann  Margaret Parks in 1952, she b. 28 Mar  1935; Children, surname Newton:



•                     Michelle L., b. 19 Jun 1953; m. Guy Blair, 9 Dec 1972


•                     James E., b. 17 Nov 1955; m. Shirley Aultman.  One child, James Michael Newton, d. young


•                     Darrell, b. 10 Dec 1958


•                     Mackie Claude, b/d 1960


•                     Darlene, b. 4 Feb 1962


•                     Jennifer S., b. 28 May 1965


Claude Mackie Newton m. 2) Dorothy Fowler, in 1945, who was b. 27 Oct 1924, daughter of Heber and Dorothy (Knapp) Fowler.  Children, surname Newton:



2)                  Linda Lea, b. 17 Jan 1946; m. 1) Donald Gordon Holland, 20 Nov 1964, b. 17 Dec 1944; 2) Kenneth E.  Jackson, 12 Dec 1980.  Children, surname Holland:



•                     Susan A., b. 4 Nov 1966


•                     Matthew W. N., b. 11 Feb 1968


•                     Dorothy E., b. 26 Mar 1970


•                     Mackie A., b. 30 Nov 1972; d. 4 Apr 1992


•                     Faith L. (twin), b. 21 Jan 1975


•                     Hope M. (twin), b. 21 Jan 1975; d. 20 Feb 1975


Children, surname Jackson:


•                     Julia Jane, b. 19 Sep 1981


•                     Kenneth Orville, b. 8 Nov 1983


3)         Claudia Sue, b. 11 Feb 1947; m. 1)  Kenneth R. Wright, 23 Jun 1967; m. 2)  Gary Joe Cartee, 26 Jan 1974, by whom  she had one child, Amanda Joe Cartee, b. 4 Apr 1975; m. 3) Troy Edward Cartee.


4)         Heber Trent, b. 28 Mar 1954; m. 1) Rita A. Moore, 19 May 1974, b. 5 Nov 1956; 2) Vicky Sheree Overstreet, 25 May 1980.  Children, surname Newton:


•                     Valerie Ann, b. 4 May 1981


•                     Jon Cayman, b. 18 Apr 1987


hh        Henry Simeon Colton (Newton), b. 24 May 1910; m. 1) Mary Anne Schaffer in 1935; m. 2) Jeanette E. Gilmer in 1956.  Henry d. 16 Jun 1985.  Children from first marriage, surname Newton:



1)                  Joanne Adell, b. 26 Feb 1940; m. Rev. John W. Talbott, 2 Jun 1962, who was b. 24 Oct 1938. Children, surname Talbott:



•                     Tamara A., b. 16 Jun 1963


•                     Cheryl A., b. 5 Oct 1965


 vi        William Schofield (Mackie), b. 27 Jul 1877; d. 10 Apr 1902, Little Rock, AR


vii        Henry Lewis, b. 24 Jun 1879; d. 2 Jan 1943; m. Mary Louise Gilliam, b. 5 Nov 1881, MS, d. 25 Sep 1962, daughter of Joel F. and Helena (Heckler) Gilliam.  Children, surname Mackie:


aa         Lucille Gilliam, b. 8 Nov 1901, MS; m. Edward Neufville Adams, b. 25 Dec 1895, the son of William J. B. and Mary Fenwick (Neufville) Adams.  Children, surname Adams:



1)                  Edward N., Jr., b. 29 Sep 1922; m.  Georgia M. Fillingham.  Children, surname Adams:



•                     Edward


•                     William


•                     Ria


•                     Mary Louise, b. 31 Jan 1934 (?); m. Bernard L. Masom


bb        Lena Mae, b. 31 Aug 1903, MS; m. Joseph Leon Simmons, b. 27 Sep 1900, son of Dodd and Carrie (Zachary) Simmons.  Children, surname Simmons:



1)                  Shelton, b. 30 Jan 1926; m. Mary J.  Speer.  Children:  Virginia, Linda and Susan Simmons


2)         Donald, b. 22 Jan 1930; m. Joyce L.  Slay.  Sons:  Donald, Jr., Stephen and Robert Simmons


cc         Alice Louise, b. 11 Mar 1909, MS; m. 29 May 1928 Clyde M. Blount, b. 2 Jun 1905.  Children, surname Blount:


1)         Patricia Louise, b. 12 Oct 1929; m.  James LeRoy Talley.  Children:  Debbie, James and Paul Talley.


2)         Mary Kay, b. 10 Oct 1937, m. Don E.  Weiss.  Children:  Donna and Robyn  Weiss.


dd        Henrie Beulah, b. 6 Nov 1911, MS; m. 4 Mar 1942, Alonzo Bliss Berry.


ee         Ruth L. (twin) (Mackie), b. 26 Aug 1922, LA; d. 1966


ff         Henry Lewis (twin), b. 26 Aug 1922, LA; m. Lottie Holton.  Son: James Mackie.


b          Charles (Winters), b. 13 May 1853; drowned 6 Oct 1854 in Ohio River.


c          Rosa A., b. 4 Feb 1855, Rodney, MS (Historical Southern Families says AR); d. 28 May 1924, Madison, Jefferson Co., IN; m. Samuel Jowett Schofield, 28 May 1873.  He was b. 12 Jan 1848, Rising Sun, IN, and d. 20 Mar 1925 in Madison, IN, son of Joshua and Hannah Lucretia (Jowett) Schofield.  Children, surname Schofield:


  I         Iva Belle, b. 28 Jul 1874; d. 1 May 1959; m. Clarence Hisle.  No children.


 ii         Henry Jowett, b. 22 Oct 1881; d. 1958; m. Murrie Bouchard in Cincinnati.  He had a photography studio in Nashville, TN.  Children, surname Schofield:


aa         Henry Jowett III


bb        Elizabeth


iii         Marion, b. 3 Jun 1892; m. 28 Oct 1914, Ward Einsell, who d. Jul 1915 of a brain tumor.  Their daughter, Catherine, was born posthumously on 1 Dec 1915.  She m. 1) Floyd Wildman, 24 Nov 1938, who d. of brain cancer in 1941; 2) Robert Young, 1964, and moved to Louisville, KY.


 iv        Thomas Jefferson, b. 1875; d. 1879


d          Henry Lewis, b. 13 Apr 1858, Rodney, MS; d. 7 Feb 1900.  He had appendicitis and there was no one who could operate in Rodney, so he was taken by steam-boat down river to New Orleans, but arrived too late.  He m. Adda McCallum, b. 14 Jul 1863, Union Church, MS, and d. 8 Oct 1938, daughter of Henry Scott and Eudora (Galtney) McCallum.  Adda was a graduate of Whitworth Female College, Brookhaven, MS.  They lived in Rodney until his death in 1900; she then moved with her mother and children to Bessemer, AL, to be near her brothers-in-law, William S. and Joseph S. Winters.  Children, surname Winters:


  I         Dora Elizabeth, b. Rodney, MS, 25 Oct 1890; d. 20 Apr 1947; m. William Hugh McEniry, 25 Jun 1913, who was b. 21 Mar 1885, Athens, AL, and d. 18 Nov 1966, Bessemer, AL.  He was a lawyer in Bessemer for over 50 years, charter member and officer of South Highlands Baptist Church, and held degrees from Auburn and University of Alabama.  Dora was a gifted pianist and organist.  They had three sons, named McEniry:


aa         Murray Winters, b. 2 Jul 1914; m. Catherine Louise McPolan, b. 21 Nov 1919 in New York City to John Joseph and Florence (Maurer) McPolan.  He was a corporation lawyer for Mobil Oil Corporation.  She has B.A. from Barnard, an LL.B. from Columbia Law School.  Living Scarsdale, NY.  Children, surname McEniry:


1)         Philip Laurence, b. 29 Sep 1948, New  York City; holds a B.A. from Bowdoin  College, an M.B.A. from University of Rochester. Unmarried, living in Pomona, NY.


2)         David Winters, b. 19 Jun 1951, New York City; m. 11 Jul 1987, at Great Milton, Oxfordshire, Eng., Carolyn Allen Acosta of Bogota, Columbia, b. 12 Sep 1958, to Hernando and Mary Allen Acosta. He has a B.S. from William College, M.D. from Univ of Virginia, is a physician of  internal medicine & infectious diseases in Tacoma-Seattle; she has M.D. from Rosario Univ from London School of Tropical Medicine.  Children, born in Tacoma, WA, surname McEniry:



•                     Tessa Marie, b. 19 Mar 1989


•                     James Andrew, b. 6 Jan 1992



3)                  Catherine Eudora, b. 3 Oct 1954, Greenwich, CT; m. 13 Apr 1985, David Edward Sullivan, Scarsdale, NY, he b. 9 Jun 1952 to John J. & Elaine Saab Sullivan of Lackawanna, NY.  He is a lawyer and for many years Chief Counsel to Mass. Secretary of State, also multi-term member of City Council of Cambridge, where they live.  She is a lawyer, B.A. from Radcliffe, M.A. from Somerville  College, Oxford, LL.B. from Harvard.  He has undergraduate degree from M.I.T. & law degree from Harvard.  She is in retirement to raise their children, born in Boston, MA, surname  Sullivan:



•                     John Murray, b. 7 Jan 1987


•                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thomas Adam, b. 21 Apr 1989


•                     Peter Owen, b. 7 Nov 1991



                                                                                    4)         Roger Scott(McEniry), b. 12 Oct 1956, Greenwich, CT; m. Elizabeth Courtney Johnson, 29 Dec 1984, St. Louis, b. 12 Aug 1959, to James Lee and Bettie (Schroth) Johnson, St. Louis, MO.  He holds a B.A. from Williams College, M.B.A. from Univ of Michigan.  They live in Chicago where he is general partner in Frontenac Venture Co. (mergers and acquisitions). She  resigned as Vice-President of Johnson & Higgins (insurance) to raise their  children, b. Chicago, IL, surname  McEniry:



•                     Elizabeth Grace, b. 3 May 1989


•                     Eloise Bush, b. 31 Jan 1992


bb        William Hugh (McEniry), Jr., b. 21 Jan 1916; d. 15 Mar 1974; m. 26 Dec 1940, Mary McFarland Brown, b. 19 Dec 1914, to Lucien C. and Mattie McFarland Brown.  He was Professor of English (American Lit.) and Dean, Stetson Univ, DeLand, FL; Vice-Chancellor, Univ of NC at Charlotte.  He held B.A. from Birmingham-Southern College, M.A. and Ph.D. from Vanderbilt.  Mary has B.S. from Birmingham-Southern and M.A. from Vanderbilt.  Children, b. Charlotte, NC, surname McEniry:



1)                  Mary Winters, b. 1 Jan 1943, DeLand,  FL; m. David Hyde Johnson 29 Dec 1969  in Charlotte; he b. 28 Apr 1943 to    Paul F. and Gertrude (Hyde) Johnson of South Bend, IN.  She holds B.A. from Stetson, is a talented pianist.  Children, b. Charlotte, surname Johnson:



•                     Sarah Ann McEniry, b. 18 Sep 1973


•                     Karen Lee, b. 25 Jul 1975


•                     William Andrew, b. 29 Mar 1977



2)         Kathryn Lee, b. DeLand, FL, 7 Oct 1948; m. 1) Charlotte, NC, to Tom B. Hyde 27 Nov 1971; div. 1986; has a B.A. from Univ of NC, law degree from Campbell Univ; m. 2) James Michael Walen, b. 5 Feb 1944, to John and Phyllis (Clark) Walen, 28 Feb 1987, Charlotte, NC.


cc         Ralph Winters, b. 26 Oct 1919; d. 18 Feb 1989; m. Elizabeth Ann Scholz, 6 Sep 1952, Birmingham, AL.  She was b. Sep 1924, to Herbert Joseph and Elizabeth Ann (Cronin) Scholz, and d. 9 Apr 1988.  Ralph was a mining engineer; they lived in Stone Mountain, GA.  Children, b. Birmingham, AL, surname McEniry:


1)         Douglas Winters, b. 26 Mar 1954; m.  Carol Ann McCartney in the fall, 1981; she was b. 13 Nov 1959 to Wright and Muriel Wash McCartney.  They lived in Lithonia, GA, and he is a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve.


2)         Allen Mitchell, b. 3 Feb 1957; m. 19  Dec 1985, Deborah Colleen White at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.  She b. 27 Mar 1957 to Rev. George Jefferson and Naomi (Corts) White, holds a Ph.D. in Theatre Arts from NY Univ.  Allen is a Major, U.S. Army, at Ft. Stewart, GA.  Children, surname McEniry:



•                     Matthew Jefferson, b. 29 Apr 1988, Ft. Monmouth, NJ


•                     Cortney Elizabeth, b. 10 Feb 1991


ii          Mildred Genevieve (Winters), b. 1899; d. 12 Apr 1990; m. Rosewell Graves Lowrey, 26 Aug 1920 at Bessemer, AL; he was b. 1895, son of Congressman  Bill Green Lowrey of Blue Mountain, MS; Rosewell was Professor of English, Blue Mountain College, later Professor and Dean, Univ of Southern MS in Hattiesburg; he d. there 25 Jul 1979.  He had a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt; Mildred had a B.A., Blue Mountain College.  Children, surname Lowrey:


aa         Mark Leonard, b. 6 Aug 1921, Bessemer, AL; d. 24 Dec 1982; m. Emelie Roberta Olson at Jackson, MS, 10 Nov 1944.  She d. ca 1977.  Mark was a journalist, executive editor of Hattiesburg American, Hattiesburg, MS.  Children, surname Lowrey:


1)         Mark Leonard, Jr., b. 27 Sep 1945, in  Jackson, MS; m. Priscilla Rose Miller  at Jackson, MS, 15 Jul 1972; Children, surname Lowrey:


•                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mark Leonard III, b. 17 Mar 1978


•                     Elizabeth


2)         William Olson, b. 2 Dec 1946, Hattiesburg, MS; m. Linda Ann McInnis at Laurel, MS, 15 Jun 1969.  He is a Presbyterian minister.  Children, surname Lowrey:


•                     Bethany Ann, b. 8 Sep 1971


•                     Lela Ellen, b. 10 Nov 1974, Jackson, MS


•                     William Olson, Jr., b. 5 Jan 1978, Jackson, MS


3)         Emelie Roberta (Lowrey), b. 5 Feb 1948, Hattiesburg, MS; m. Travis Wood Parker, 15 Mar 1968, Hattiesburg, MS; he is Commander, U.S. Navy.  Children, surname Parker:


•                     Emelie Marie, b. 28 Sep 1969, Auburn, AL


•                     Helen Elizabeth, b. 9 Jun 1971, Middletown, RI


•                     Myra Lowrey, b. 7 May 1974, Jacksonville, FL



4)         Erik Martin, b. Hattiesburg, MS, 16 Apr 1949; m. Kathleen Jones of Pickens, MS, 21 Mar 1976.  Children, surname Lowrey:



•                     Erik Shawn Martin, b. 15 Mar 1977, Jackson, MS


5)         Perrin Hubbard, b. Hattiesburg, MS, 14 Aug 1952; m. Cynthia      .  The family lives in Hattiesburg.  Children, surname Lowrey:


•                     Brittany


bb        Edwin Joseph (Lowrey) (twin), b. 12 Nov 1926; m. 18 Aug 1958, Helen Leora Hendry.  They live in Atlanta, GA, where he is a chemical engineer (paints).  Children, surname Lowrey:


1)         Helen Rebecca, b. 6 Jul 1960, Atlanta, GA; m. Forrest Brian Mericle, 20 Oct 1984, in Atlanta; divorced 1992. Children, surname Mericle:


•                     Edwin Daniel, b. 29 Jan 1988


•                     Wilson, b. ca Mar 1990


2)         Wilson Hugh, b. 11 Sep 1963, Atlanta,  GA; m. Mary Lloyd Lovelace in 1990 in  Gaffney, SC


cc         Hugh Winters (Lowrey) (twin), b. 12 Nov 1926; m. Mary Orr Williams, 17 May 1952, at St. Louis, MO; they live in Cincinnati, OH; he is a chemical engineer (paints).  Children, surname Lowrey:


1)         Carolyn Orr, b. 16 Jul 1954, Mobile,  AL; m. James Forbes Robertson of Elsah, IL, 6 Jun 1975.  Children, surname Robertson:


•                     Nathan James, b. 19 Feb 1976


•                     Amy Joyce, b. 8 Apr 1977, Ponca City, OK


•                     Norman Forbes


•                     Wendy Marie


2)         Norman Winters, b. 31 Dec 1956, Mobile, AL; m. Suzanne Deborah Leonard, 21 Sep 1979, Birmingham, AL


3)         Kenneth Richard, b. 3 Jul 1962, at  Birmingham, AL; m. Judith Anne DiMaso  at Leesburg, FL, 11 Jan 1992


4)         Gwen Mildred, b. Birmingham, AL, 1 Aug 1969


e          Elizabeth (Winters), b. 27 Dec 1859; d. young


f           Grace, b. 3 Mar 1861; d. young


g          William Schofield, b. 2 Nov 1863, Rodney, MS; d. 22 Apr 1903, Bessemer, AL; m. Beulah Ragsdale of Green Pond, AL, on 15 Oct 1889, at Green Pond.  She was b. 18 Nov 1866; d. 4 Apr 1945.  They lived in Bessemer.  Children, surname Winters:


  I         Edwin Percy, b. 9 Nov 1890; d. Sep 1957.  In late middle age, he m. Pauline Marsh; lived in Birmingham, AL.  No children.


 ii         Ruth Elizabeth, b. 10 Jun 1892; d. ca 1965; m. 17 Jun 1917 at Bessemer, AL, Samuel Thacker Huey; he was b. 20 Nov 1886, Hueytown, AL; they lived in Bessemer where he practiced law.  Children, surname Huey:


aa         Samuel Thacker, Jr., b. 26 Apr 1918; m. in Seattle, WA, 6 Sep 1945, Helen Calligan, who was b. 5 Aug 1916.  Children, surname Huey:


1)         Patricia


2)         Laura


bb        Joseph William (Huey), b. 31 Dec 1924, Bessemer, AL; m. Carla      , b. 19 Aug 1932, NJ; a Major, U.S. Air Corps, graduate West Point.  Children, surname Huey:


1)         Karen


2)         Carla


iii         Ida Victoria (Winters), b. 19 Jan 1894; d. 1980.  Unmarried.  Librarian, lived in Birmingham, AL


 iv        Laura Martin, b. 25 Nov 1896.  Unmarried.  Dental hygienist, lived in Sarasota, FL


  v        William Schofield, Jr., b. 21 Sep 1898; d. 7 Dec 1925 of tuberculosis in Bessemer; unmarried


 vi        Beulah Ragsdale, b. 19 Nov 1900; m. Harold Kemble Hines of Bowling Green, KY, 20 Dec 1924; he was b. 21 Jan 1895, d. 9 Jan 1965.  Children, surname Hines:


aa         Warner Underwood, b. 8 Nov 1927; m. 1958 Suzanne Wetherby. Children, surname Hines:


1)         Laura


2)         Lea


3)         Kitty


h          Joseph Schofield (Winters), b. 22 Dec 1866; d. 5 Aug 1934, Bessemer, AL.  He eloped with India Whitney, and they m. 17 Nov 1892 (Winters Family Bible gives the marriage as 15 Nov 1893).  India was b. 1876, d. 25 Dec 1933 at Villa Clara, LA.  He received his medical training in Louisville, KY, and for many years was a general practitioner in Bessemer.  They had no issue.


I           Alice H., b. 29 Nov 1870; d. young


j           Hannah Lucretia, b. 19 Sep 1872, Rodney, MS; d. ca 1958, Port Gibson, MS; m. Thomas Henry "Hal" Freeland, 2 May 1899 in Rodney, MS.  He was b. 6 Aug 1873, West Side, MS, son of Thomas Augustus and Mary Covington (Beall) Freeland, and d. 12 Feb 1931 in Natchez, MS.  Children, surname Freeland:


  I         Mary Cecelia, known as Cecelia, b. 1900; d. 3 Aug 1964.  Mary was head of the purchasing department of Mercy Hospital, Vicksburg, MS.  Earlier she had been a writer and producer of celebratory pageants throughout a considerable portion of the United States.  Unmarried.

 ii         Thomas Henry “Tom”, Jr., b. 24 Jan 1902, Port Gibson, MS; d. 13 Aug 1979; m. Rose E. Pittman, 21 Jul 1927.  Children, surname Freeland:


aa         Thomas Henry "Hal" III, m. Judith Lee Hale, 12 Nov 1954.  Children, surname Freeland:


1)         Thomas Henry IV, m. Deborah Joanna  Thiel, daughter of Theodore Thiel, Jr., of Oxford, MS, on 24 May 1980


2)         John Hale, m. Cynthia Rose Strobl, 27  Mar 1987, daughter of Frank Strobl of  Jackson, MS


3)         Judith Lee, m. Stephen Stewart Hancock, 12 Jul 1986


4)         Robert


                                                                        bb        Mary Frances, m. Murray Grosbeck Bacon ca 1956; div.; married again for a short time before her death.  No children.


iii         Elizabeth (Freeland), b. ca 1910; d. ca 1972; m. Charles Gordon Cossar of Charleston, MS, who d. 21 Jul 1955.  No children.


k          Walter G. (Winters), b. 3 Oct 1874, Rodney, MS; d. 6 Jun 1876


29        Phoebe, b. 2 Apr 1766, prob. Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT; m. Gideon Orton, b.       1759; d. Onondaga Co., NY.  Gideon was the fourth son of John of Tyringham (b. 1717) and the first son of second wife, Mary Slaughter. He was born in the same year that his half-brother Gideon (b. 1748, d. 1759) died, and the name was at once transferred.  Gideon lived for a time in Fairfield, VT.  His father, John, died at his home.  Children, surname Orton:


A         Mary, b. 1791; m. John Perry, 25 Dec 1810, Fairfax, VT.  They lived in Milton and Sheldon, VT.  Children, surname Perry:


I           James, b. 1812


B         Aaron H., b. 1793; d. 1872; m. Polly Hall, 1819


C         Lavinia, b. 1795


D         Sarah, b. 1798; d. 1824


E          Truman, b. 1800; d. 1877; m. Alvira Gleason


F          Charlotte, b. 1803








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